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Topper VIBE sailboat

Why VIBE? Because the VIBE is a hiking boat which offers a great introduction to performance sailing without trapezing (although a trapeze option is available). Because nothing will take you from beginner to club racer quicker than the Topaz VIBE. You'll grow into this boat not out of it! Because the VIBE is fast and fun yet stable and controllable so you'll spend more time on the water and less time in it!

Sail Area (ex spi) 
- Main
- Jib
- Gennaker 
Hull Weight

9.06 sq.m
6.85 sq.m 
2.21 sq.m 
8.41 sq.m 
70 kg
Trilam Polyethylene 
Coated aluminium 
Coated aluminium 
Hi-Tech Ball Bearing
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Unrivalled construction and finish quality
Topper International's unparalleled expertise in thermoplastics has meant that the very latest rapid advances in material technology have been fully harnessed to produce an incredibly strong, lightweight, stiff and durable hull. The Metalicene TRILAM hull moulding is a three layer sandwich construction with a tough outer skin to give exceptional impact strength and because of the foam core, the whole construction is lightweight and has a positive buoyancy. The TOPAZ-technique is the envy of the industry. What you get is an incredibly low maintenance and virtually indestructible ultra tough hull.

Fun for all
The NEW Vibe will undoubtedly appeal equally to hot shot youngsters, couples and parent & child combinations. The ideal weight combination falling between 12 stone and 24 stone (75 - 150Kg). The really spacious cockpit and high boom and the all important extra WIDE BEAM mean the power is easy to handle and guarantee a comfortable and stable platform for for all age groups.

Single handed or with a crew
The VIBE is the ideal size for two adult crew or young friends but is just as happy as a singlehander. The rig options can be altered to suit beginners, club racers and one or two crew.  The Mylar mainsail area can be reduced by up to 20% using the innovative zip reefing system making it even more suitable to as a singlehander.

Extra beamy for controllable power.
Only the Topaz XENON and Topaz VIBE offer the luxury of such a good beam to length ratio. This all important extra WIDE BEAM mean the power is easy to handle and guarantees a comfortable and stable platform for all age groups.

Novice to racer
The VIBE has a beamy hull inspires confidence in beginners. It is lightweight making it easy to launch for anyone. Its CHINE technology pioneered by Ian Howlett means the VIBE stays afloat when many competitors would capsize. The VIBE offers a good level of performance potential and the beamy hull means the power is far more controllable than other boats of her type. So you'll spend more of your time sailing and less time swimming!

Topaz Vibe awarded the prestigious Coup de Coeur Award at the Paris Boat Show December 2008. 
Voiles et Voiliers Magazine awarded the VIBE Best Dinghy 2008.
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  • Great value hiking boat which offers a great introduction to performance sailing. 
  • Rig options to suit beginners, club racers and one or two crew. 
  • Extra WIDE BEAMY HULL to handle power and guarantee comfort. 
  • CHINE TECHNOLOGY means the VIBE stays afloat when competitors capsize. 
  • ZIP REEFING system for the Mylar mainsail enables up to 20% reduction in sail area, meaning the boat can easily be sailed singlehanded. 
  • Spacious and well equipped cockpit. 
  • Safe, stable and reassuring hull shape. 
  • Additional built in buoyancy and high freeboard ensure perfect sailing without the boat taking on water or nose diving. 
  • User friendly lightweight centreboard for super simple launching and retrieving. 
  • Gnav system as standard means the size of the cockpit is even further optimised. 
  • The flotation device, fitted at the head of the sail, removes the risk of total capsize. 
  • Sealed one piece mast for further capsize protection. 
  • Hinged mast step for easy rigging by just one person. 
  • Much admired single-line gennaker system enables effortless launches and recoveries. 
  • Fantatsic control systems keep things simple and are easy to use. 
  • Proven, ultra strong floating foils. 
  • Proven lifting rudder system is childs play. 
  • Lightweight hull is easy to launch and recover. 
  • Carefully designed combi trailer for an easy-life ashore. 
  • TRILAM technology unique to Topper gives unrivalled strength to weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, stiffness and durability. (SEE VIDEO ON PRODUCT PAGE).
  • Three year hull warranty.
  • ASK YOURSELF THIS: Why spend close on double the price for old outdated, high maintance GRP designs, when TRILAM has so many advantages over it? 
Topper Topaz VIBE
The Topper Topaz VIBE
Topper Topaz VIBE
Topper Topaz VIBE
The Topper Topaz VIBE
The Topper Topaz VIBE
The Topper Topaz VIBE
The Topper Topaz VIBE
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"Rotomoulding has really come of age over the last couple of years. Now Topper, buoyed by the success of the its Xenon launched last year, have introduced the Ian Howlett designed Vibe which seems ideal for husband/wife or parent child sailing partnerships where crew weight might be around the 18-24 stone range. Basically a smaller version of the Xenon, the Vibe comes well equipped with ball race blocks and includes a 6.58 m2 Mylar mainsail, plus jib and 8.4 m2 asymmetric spinnaker." 
Topaz Vibe X
Now available by special order:
Same specs but has the Magno rig and sail sizes. Black gennaker, white jib, and the main has see through Mylar with black shrim and black Vibe logo very similar look to the Xenon.