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Nine Topaz Taz used in 
YNZ Have A Go! Sailing
program.       Read More
The Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre of New Zealand, buy eleven Topaz UNO Race X Hybrid sailboats. Read More

The Topaz Range are made in the UK and designed by Rob White, son of the famous Reg White, father of modern racing multihull sailing & Olympic Gold Medalist & Multi World Tornado Champion and America's Cup designer Ian Howlett (All hull shapes & joint input with Rob on other areas of the boat designs) designer of Prada and other America's Cup yachts along with many dinghy designs: ISO, Buzz, Boss, Blaze, Spice, Sport 14/16, & Int 14 designs. 

The Topaz range are now represented in over 50 countries across the globe, a glowing testament to Topper's clever and innovative design philosophy. 

"The Topaz is a generation beyond fiberglass in construction" Sailmagazine.

Through the use of Hi Tech construction technology TOTALLY UNIQUE to Topaz TRILAM; hulls reform
instantaneously after a collision, (NO OTHER PLASTIC HULLS IN THE WORLD CAN DO THIS, See our product page for a video demonstration of this, with a mallet!) are maintenance free, virtually indestructible and unlike GRP are non porous so no weight gain over time.  

Forget what you may have seen of any other plastic boat of the past, the Topaz Range are light years ahead in their construction technique. “Plastic Sailing Dinghies have now come of age”.

Topper Topaz Sailboats are great "one design" sailboats for both novice and experienced sailors. With the ability to attract new sailors to the sport through their user friendly and up to date modern designs.

The Topper Topaz TAZ VOTED BEST SAILING DINGHY 2011 by Sail Magazine. For sailors of all ages and abilities as it is virtually indestructible, easy to rig and use, fast, maneuverable and above all, FUN!

The Topper Topaz UNO The Topaz UNO Sailing System Voted - 2010 Best Boat Winner. Sail Magazine is the next stage up, being able to happily accommodate two adults. It can be sailed with six different rig options; from the single sailed UNO to the Topper Topaz Tres, complete with mainsail, jib, 8.6m2 asymmetric gennaker and trapeze.
ISAF International Racing Class pending on Topaz Uno Plus 
The Topper Topaz UNO is a sailboat able to accommodate both the beginner and the accomplished sailor and all in between.  This is without doubt the best value-for-money sailboat on the market.

The Topper Topaz VIBE  is a great all-rounder with a trapeze kit option now available.
Topaz Vibe awarded the prestigious Coup de Coeur Award at the Paris Boat Show December 2008. 
Voiles et Voiliers Magazine awarded the VIBE Best Dinghy 2008.

The Topper Topaz XENON is an explosive club racer that has fun built into every pore.  A beautiful looking sailboat, like the others in the Topper Topaz Range.

The Topper Topaz OMEGA can take up to six people and is great for sail training companies and the family daysailor alike.  It is also the largest Rota-moulded sailboat available. ISAF International Racing Class  pending. 
People who have sailed a Topaz have been amazed at the all round sailing qualities of these yachts and by their finish and design. There simply is NO competition in their respective price bands.  

Note: Due to the huge advantages of a modern 3 layer plastic hull over older GRP designs, sales of new and secondhand (along with their associated value) GRP sailing dinghies have collapsed in the UK (one of, if not the biggest sailing dinghy market in world) while plastic 3-ply sales have sky rocketed GRP RIP. See why: bottom right construction video.
With over 30 years in thermoplastic boat building technology and construction no one has more experience than Topper. The Topaz tri-laminated Metalicene™ polyethylene TRILAM hull along with the Topaz-technique is the envy of the industry.

Bay of Plenty Sailing Academy Trust (BOPSAT) now have a fleet of eight UNO Plus's for their school sailing program.Visit Website
Oceanz 1 Sailboats for sale
Topper Sailboats Dinghy for sale Topper Sailboat
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Motutapu Outdoor Education Camp Trust have purchased a fleet of Topaz  Uno Plus' to add to their Topaz TAZ's

            ISAF's Connect to Sailing program
        goes from strength to strength as Topper International is announced 
                        as the latest industry partner to join the initiative.

From ISAF......."ISAF has realized that most of it’s Recognized Classes are not necessarily the best boats in which to introduce the sport of sailing to newcomers or in which to teach and develop sailing skills. They also have acknowledged that in the past a number of classes have been incorrectly favored by National Sailing Authorities, and in turn clubs and schools around the world on the back of this ISAF Status
Therefore ISAF have introduced the Connect To Sailing global initiative to increase participation in sailing. 
Connect To Sailing's overriding goal is to revitalize grass roots participation in all categories of sailing outside elite activity and put sailing firmly back into a growth sport with a focus on youth."
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Professional Topaz Sail Training. Using 2xOmega's 4xUno Plus's 1xUno Race X in Auckland and Tauranga. Read More
          IN THE
Click here to see the amazing construction video
with a mallet!! (Advise you not to try this on AN other boat, unless Ferro or steel). If you cannot believe it call us to try it out for yourself on our test hull.

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& Video

Welcome to the exciting world of Topaz Sailing
New Zealand’s largest range of  modern sailing dinghies 

Seven New Sailing             Clubs 
   & Hundreds of           Topaz Sailing         Dinghies brought for new World Sailing Mecca
 on Topaz Island. Click here                   

When TOPAZ TRILAM has so may advantages over everything else
Why sail anything less?
Invest in the best, invest in the future of sailing.
NZYMCA Shakespeare Lodge
Have two Uno's, plus two Uno Tres rigs, purchased nearly ten years ago, making them the oldest Uno's in NZ. Total maintenance cost so far = $0.00.

   All Topper Topaz yachts are World ISAF 
          'Connect To Sailing' approved.

 ISAF 'Learn To Sail Recommended Boat'
 Status on: Topaz Uno Sailing System, Taz  Race, Vibe, Xenon, Omega, 14 & 16 Cats.  
ROTORUA YACHT CLUB: take delivery of  3 X TOPAZ UNO RACE X's

NZ’s fastest growing Yacht Club: French Bay* have just taken delivery of four of their first of six Topaz Uno Plus’ to add to the growing members fleet of Topaz’s.
*source YNZ
Nelson Y/C purchase six Topaz Uno Plus’ & six Topaz EurOpti's
Gisborne Y/C purchase six Topaz

   Fitzroy Yachts 45m Salperton IV
                         Topaz Uno Race Plus
     Alloy Yachts 52m Red Dragon
                         Topaz Uno Race Plus
       Alloy Yachts 67m Vertigo
                     Two Topaz Uno Race X's

  See these beautiful NZ Superyachts 
        on their builders websites
 Special order only
  on Cats. Click here
for range brochure. 
      TOPAZ 12
Special order only
 Click here for
  Super strong
Maintenance free
  Rowlock fittings
 so can be used 
   as a tender
   Self bailing
        39 Kg
  (Not measured
  for official Opti             racing)

Coup de Coeur twin  hull award for Best    Catamaran 2008. 

The Tutukaka Coast Youth Sailing Club Inc  Utilize four Topaz Uno's for use in their varied sailing programs.
Topaz Owners Please do contact us         to see where your yachts are being             sailed/raced and to meet up with fellow                          Topaz owners.
  Please click here to phone or email us.
 Wentworth Collage (Gulf Harbour)
Sailing & Outdoor Pursuits Club Inc
purchase four Topaz Uno Plus' for their
Sailing Squad. For Schools Team Racing, Learn To Sail, Adventure Sailing and Racing Program.

Te Awamutu College
Purchase two Topaz Uno Race Plus'
for their Schools Team Racing, Learn To Sail, Adventure Sailing and Racing Program.