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Consistant hull thickness is extremely important, as without this strength would be compromised in different areas of the hull and therefore negating the main advantages of a modern TRILAM hull: robustness and strength.

The speed and heat at which the mould is rotated ensures a consistency of material thickness at both first and last layer.  

However,  layers are designed to be thicker at possible points of impact to further guarantee hull integrity (unique to Topper's moulding machines).

Before considering buying a sailing dinghy check carefully what you are getting for your money, in particular: Hull quality & design,  number of features, quality and spec of fittings and sails. 
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Topper has mastered, where others have been struggling with the very important subject of the consistency of hull uniformity

This is the balance between weight and strength, but more importantly the designed consistency of wall thickness throughout the hull, therefore consistent strength throughout.

Topper International's unparalleled expertise in thermoplastics has meant that the very latest advances in material technology have produced a uniquely strong, lightweight, stiff and durable sailboat. 

The Topaz Range benefit from the very latest thinking in hydrodynamic hull forms and rig, being jointly designed by Rob White and Ian Howlett, designer of several America's Cup yachts including Prada, plus racing dinghy designs that include: The Buzz, Spice, ISO, Boss, Blaze, International 14 designs and many more. 

Topper has gained significant advantages in thermoplastic moulding, along with the use of their special secret mix of the highest grade plastic's currently used on today's market. This is something Topper adheres to despite having to compete on price against some of its industrial grade plastic competitors. 

Topper will not sacrifice on quality. Because of the investment in a new state of the art Ultra Hi Tech computer controlled moulding oven, Topper can produce larger, beamier sailboats which are unique among rota-moulded designs due to their hull uniformity and strength, which retail for less than you might think.

 The Topaz Uno comes with impressively hi-spec fittings.
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Quote from a NZ dinghy retailer after his first look at a Topaz Uno "In the 20 years I have been in this industry I have never seen quality as good as this"
Above: A photo of a section of hull         Above: Two photos of the unique Topaz TRILAM hull. Note
from a competitors boat.                                  straight lines (no weak points) plus extra thickness at                                                                                                                    possible points of contact.