ISAF has realized that most of it’s Recognized Classes are not necessarily the best boats in which to introduce the sport of sailing to newcomers or in which to teach and develop sailing skills. They also have acknowledged that in the past a number of classes have been incorrectly favored by National Sailing Authorities, and in turn clubs and schools around the world on the back of this ISAF Status

The extensive Topper Sailboats range illustrates the company’s commitment to the core principles of the Connect to Sailing initiative - grassroots sailing and participation.

Martin FRY, Managing Director of Topper International, said, “Topper Sailboats has such a popular following amongst schools and clubs as well as families. Our range appeals to beginners and racers alike as they combine impeccable handling with exciting levels of controllable performance and are amazingly affordable. It makes sense for us to work with ISAF’s Connect to Sailing initiative, particularly with the roll-out this year of the international Learn to Sail program”.

Connect to Sailing is a global initiative led by ISAF to increase participation in sailing. With a focus on youth, Connect to Sailing is based upon grass roots activities to achieve strong and lasting foundations for sailing programs. It aims to expand and develop participation in sailing by attracting newcomers to the sport and retaining both newcomers and existing participants. Topper Sailboats is the eighth industry partner to join the initiative for 2009.

Tim Coventry, ISAF Connect to Sailing consultant, said the increasing industry support demonstrates the success of the initiative. “Yet another industry partner has recognized the importance of the work of ISAF’s Connect to Sailing and the advantage of industry working together to encourage participation in emerging sailing nations. Topper International is another valuable industry partner who will not only benefit from the association but help us achieve the longer term aims of the sport,” COVENTRY said.

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