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Topper RaceX with Gennaker Sail
It is asymmetric like a genoa, but, the gennaker is not attached to the forestay over the full length of its luff, being rigged like a spinnaker. 

The gennaker has a larger camber than a genoa, making it optimal for generating lift at larger angles of attack, but the camber is significantly less than that of a spinnaker.

Gennaker sailing is a real buzz.  It is easy to underestimate the sheer exhilaration of sailing the Topaz  UNO Race X, TRES-X, VIBE, MAGNO, XENON or OMEGA.  When you are out on the trapeze, gennaker launched and fully powered up, few sailing experiences will come close.  The Topaz range is the perfect introduction to asymmetric gennaker sailing. 

The powerful battened main and ample gennaker provides bags of excitement and performance without spoiling the concept of user friendliness by going over the top.  Sail and rig positions are perfectly positioned and easy to adjust.  The large and uncluttered self-draining cockpit in the Race X provide a spacious and stable platform for helm and crew.

The gennaker is a specialty sail primarily used on racing boats, bridging the performance gap between a genoa, which develops maximum driving force when the apparent wind angle is between 35 and 60 degrees, and a spinnaker, which has maximum power when the apparent wind is between 100 and 140 degrees. 

Due to its geometry, the sail is less prone to collapsing than a spinnaker.  The lines between gennaker and asymmetric spinnaker are blurry; they are both high camber downwind sails, rigged similarly to a genoa.  The difference is the amount of camber, which dictates the points of sail.  A gennaker is optimal for a beam reach, while an asymmetric spinnaker is optimal for a broad reach or run.

In high winds the mainsail reefing system is a welcome feature on the VIBE, XENON and OMEGA.  The option of a furling jib means that the Race X can be transformed into a singlehander in minutes.  A quick pull on the single-line gennaker system launch and the Topaz range takes off with blistering acceleration

Yet the loads on the gennaker can easily be managed by young sailors even in a big breeze.  Even though the Topper Topaz range may well be seen as the perfect introduction to high performance sailing it has many years of progression built-in.  For most crews there may well never be a need to move on.

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A gennaker can be described as a cross between a genoa (a large jib used on a racing yacht) and a spinnaker.
Gennaker Sailing
Topaz Gennaker Control: One line in and one line out.  Automatic in-and-out of pole and gennaker.