Oceanz 1 Sailboats for sale
Oceanz 1 Sailboats for sale


-  It is important to have the right high density inner foam sandwich, without which accidental collisions can create a series of dings throughout the outer hull surface and not being able to reform. Note:There are some single layer plastic designs on the market which are known to have the disadvantages of high weight (= low performance), sometimes disguised with a low freeboard design plus a low buoyancy/weight carrying capacity and consequently a CE certificate rating of category D (Category D - Sheltered waters, Significant Wave Height Up to & including 0.3m, Beaufort Up to & including 4), All Topaz designs are Category C (Category C - Inshore waters, Significant Wave Height Up to & including 2m, Beaufort Up to & including 6), low ability for hull to reform after a major ding, Lower hull speed and hull warping due to lack of trilam hull strength and rigidity. 

-  The quality of plastic used is a very important factor which has a direct bearing on how well the boat sails, promoting a stiff and fast planning hull and also cutting down on surface abrasions. Topper use the highest grade plastics available in the world and will not compromise on this even though they have to compete on price with rivals that use cheap industrial grade plastic (usually described under a their made up fancy name). Also look for moulding blemishes on the hull, OF NOTE there have been witnessed accounts of a certain rivals boats having a whole transom coming off, a split open foredeck around moulding seams and even one being holed by an Opti !!! due to their inconstant (non straight) 3 layer construction i.e. pointless buying the boat in the first place as this is one of the main advantages of plastic, strength!. So do be aware that NOT ALL PLASTIC BOATS ARE CREATED EQUAL! You will find NONE of the above weaknesses on the market leading Topper Topaz range, with over 30 years in plastic sailboat production no one has more expertise in the world and are renowned as being the market leader, and for good reason. For proof of the unique Topaz TRILAM hull strength see the construction video with a mallet !!! on the product page, but I would advise you not to try this on ANY OTHER BOAT unless ferro or steel! (Not that any other manufacture will let you, WE WILL on our test hull).

-  Unlike GRP boats with their gelcoats, Trilam has zero porosity so will not suffer from; water ingestion even from  moisture in the atmosphere which starts from day one, therefore adding weight and slowing it down. Hence top sailors having to replace hulls at a frightening rate and cost, to remain competitive in racing, plus in time the associated soft spots, stress cracks, osmosis, and delamination etc etc.

-  Because of this, a used Topaz hull will be as fast as a new one a great many years down the line, making the resale value that much greater than GRP, plus due to it's far greater strength it won’t have all those telltale signs of patch up repairs of years gone by.

-  In the very unlikely event of a repair being needed, a small area can be DIY repaired with a soldering iron or hot knife in 10 min's, larger areas by any automotive plastic welder, usually at less than $50. As this will be so rare an occurrence Oceanz1 will supply the correct plastic if not available, free of charge (after viewing photo).

-  Yacht Clubs literally save many thousands and in some cases five figure sums in maintenance costs per season over GRP, by using Topaz Trilam boats.

-  One design boats: With fiberglass, one new boat may be considerably heavier than the next from the same source, depending on quantity on resin used. This cannot happen with a Topaz as the process is computer controlled for consistency.

-  The number one issue facing sailing clubs in New Zealand is how to attract new members. Oceanz 1 is offering a faster more exciting introduction to sailboats for everyone. There are lots of sports that we have to compete with such as snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing etc. All of today's popular sports are fast moving, exciting and competitive and in the future Oceanz1 hope to donate an Oceanz1 Trophy to an inter-club racing scheme.

- The New Zealand sailing scene has the advantage of being able to look at other countries and choose the best ways to promote the sport to new and old members alike. With the revolutionary Topaz range we hope to get more children and adults onto the water every week either sailing in races or for recreation.