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Greg Burns: Commodore of Point Chevalier Sailing Club in Auckland:

The Xenon turned out to be a bit of a Javelin eater! I guess this was the light winds. I took this boat for a spin and was impressed by how easy it was to handle (Absolutely loved the furling jib!).

Comments from an extremely experienced NZ sailor; Andy "Lightning" Philips: 

Xenon: Similar systems and features to the Omega but having the cunningham and vang controls running back to the helmsman again adds to its ability to be sailed single handed if needed. The boats lower freeboard also makes it easier to right after capsizing and easier to get in to.

Performance is very similar to the Omega but obviously designed for a lighter overall crew weight or simply less people. I would strongly recommend this boat as a racing class especially useful for events like schools teams racing. Having a boat that is long lasting, relatively easy to sail, fast and sexy means there will be more competitors that can compete in such a class and most importantly enjoy it! An absolutely ideal boat.

Xenon race results from Pt. Chevalier Yacht Club
Conditions: 3-8 knots of wind
Main competition: an OK dinghy, 3.7, Javelin and mistral windsurfers

Results and description:

Race 1 – after a good start near the favoured pin end of the line we worked our way up the fist upwind leg of the course rounding the top mark in 3rd place closely following the 3.7 and OK dinghy who seemed a little more powered up than we were. We passed both boats quickly on the first leg of the triangle and led for the rest of the race with superior downwind speed finishing about 1 minute ahead of the next boat.

Race 2 – Again a good start at the pin end however a late wind shift spotted up the top right of the course meant we had to tack and dip the Javelin, OK dinghy and 3.7 who were on starboard. We were first to the shift and lead around the top mark. We lead for the rest of the race with close competition from the mistrals for a short time when the breeze got very light. We mistakenly completed an extra lap of the course however if we’d finished when we should have the deficit to the next boat would have been about 2 minutes.

Overall our crew weight at about 160kg was definitely on the heavy side which slowed us down a bit. The racing was very enjoyable with great sunny conditions and some exciting match ups between different types of boats. It will be interesting to see how the results differ in stronger wind.

Andy Phillips
2001– OK Dinghy World Champs, Sweden
2002 – New Zealand Secondary schools Team Racing (Team captain Wellington College (5th))
2002 – Lion Foundation Youth Training Program RPNYC
2002 - OK Dinghy World Champs, New Zealand
2003-2005 – RNZYS Youth Traning Program
2003 – RNZYS Lion Nathan Regatta (2nd)
2003 – World Youth Match Racing Champs Auckland, New Zealand (helmsman) (7th)
2003 – Harken World Youth Match Racing Champs – Australia (helmsman) (2nd)
2004 – World Youth Match Racing Regatta Wellington New Zealand (helmsman) (3rd)
2004 - RNZYS Lion Nathan Regatta (2nd)
What the sailing press have to say...

"If it's good enough for the Champions of Champions then it is good enough for me."

"Set to become a modern racing classic."



"Formidable style"

"Set to become the definitive club racer"

"Huge price advantage over older competitors like the 2000 and 400"

"Precise well manner handling"

"Excellent speed and stability"

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