Topaz UNO Topper
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The picture above shows the bow of a Topaz Race X, shaped for long water line length to improve speed plus more buoyancy to stop the bow burying into the back of wave faces.

The Topaz logo is moulded into the hull in a patented process that prevents it from degrading or rubbing off.
The picture above shows the Topaz's non-slip finish inside the hull. White Formula have engineered the hull topsides to have a balanced level of grip and slip, plus a central curved ridge under the foot straps for comfort.

Fittings used are all of the highest specifications.
The picture above shows the shiny surface of high quality TRILAM Polyethylene thermoplastic. 

You will not be able to find this level of quality in any other plastic sailboat in todays market.
  • Carry handles are fitted on the bow and stern for easy launching and retrieval, plus an added aid for novices getting back on board via the stern.

  • Rudder fitting plate (solid backing plate in hull)

  • The self draining cockpit is spacious, uncluttered and comfortable.  There is more than enough room for teacher and pupil to sail together without feeling cramped or restricted.

  • (Second from left): Under hull picture of daggerboard casing with nylon shock absorber bush.
  • Three rubbing strakes give the Topaz static and directional stability plus added lateral resistance when sailing up wind.

  • These promote plaining, trapping air and not coming off the plain if the Topaz is not trimmed perfectly.

  • The shape of the hull promotes fast planing due to its rocker (curve from bow to stern). To enable aft hull section only to contact water thus reducing resistance. Stability is inhanced by being relatively flat towards the stern. This is found also on the Topaz Taz model and improves safety on the water for novice sailors.

These pictures show some of the Topaz UNO hull fittings. 

Included here are the top quality Ronstan main sheet block and the Topaz Inspection/Storage hatch.
TOPAZ TRILAM UV Spec. A note from manufacturers: In terms of UV stability, the addition level and the type of additives we use to protect the polymers from the harmful action of UV is one of the most important aspects. Our standard rotational moulding grades are fully UV stabilised by adding HALS (hindered amine light stabilizer). The HALS additive works to neutralise the radicals which are generated by sunlight. They are extremely efficient at protecting against the degradation of the polymer caused by UV sunlight radiation. As part of our good manufacturing process, our grades are fully protected against UV degradation therefore they are suitable for long term outdoor use.

TOPAZ TRILAM CONSTRUCTION & MATERIAL Spec.  We have the ability to state that we are using the highest quality Superlinear polyethylene available to us.  In order to be of any relevance we would have to release potential sensitive information and we do not really want the technical data for our material to be widely available in the market place.  We feel that it is more beneficial to leave elements open to interpretation by our competitors and would not be keen to make their lives too easy in establishing where we have reached in terms of material development.

We use the highest quality materials that are available and produce our boats on advanced computer controlled machines that allow us to position the material accurately and glean the maximum possible benefit from the material properties.  All the materials being used in rotationally moulded craft have an optimum cook window in which they should be processed to achieve the best out of them.  This is particularly important with 3 layer boats where the foam performance drops off rapidly if it is overcooked. You can have the best possible materials but if you do not process them correctly they are useless. Our control systems ensure that the boats we make are of the highest possible quality.

André Goldsmith