TAZ Mastgate System
TAZ Mastgate System
TAZ lifting rudder system
TAZ lifting rudder system
TAZ lifting rudder system
Topaz Carry Handles
High Spec Fittings

The fittings on the Topaz TAZ are impressively high spec. 

Mainsheet Ratchet Block is fitted as standard along with a Hi Tech Race kicker.

'Topaz-Style' Carry Handles are fitted on bow and stern for launching and retrieval and also make cartopping of the Topaz TAZ simple.

Simple to rig Jib for two-up sailing.
The photograph on the right shows the built-in buoyancy pad at the head of the sail to aid easy-righting.

Photograph on the left shows the easy outhaul and main reefing system.  This reduces the sail area in high winds or when teaching young children, helping to build confident young sailors.
Topper Topaz Sailboats for Sale
Topper Topaz Sailboats for Sale
Proven Lifting Rudder System

The easy to lift rudder system is the same rudder used on the Topaz UNO.

This keeps the rugged moulded blade in perfect condition by raising automatically when it touches the bottom. 

This avoids damage to the rudder in unexpected shallow patches or rocky areas. 

The sturdy rudder fitting is amongst the best on any production model sailboat.

The TAZ has a shock absorbent hull plate  and nylon impact absorption pad fitted at the back of the centreplate to protect the hull and daggerboard.

Easy-Rig Mastgate System

The simple mastgate, using the same design as the Topaz UNO, eliminates the need to lift the mast in.  The rig can be stepped by even a small child.

The two piece Mast and Boom has been adapted from the Topaz UNO.  It's lightweight, robust and easy to store and transport inside a car.